From "Destroy Gunners SP" of delivery in high popularity,
Significantly enhanced new title has been released as the second sequel!

Destroy Gunners SP<ICEBURN!!> For Android!

Now Limited Time Special Price:400Yen(tax included)!
Usual Price: 800Yen(tax included)

Teaser movie

Battle scene has been changed into totally new maps and original stages of cold area!
Missions and components of arms are doubled from previous title!
If you have previous title"Destroy Gunners SP",you can play additional special mission!

Additional Information!
As Memorial Event of New release of Destroy Gunners SP<ICEBURN!!>,
we started limited time special price offer of"Destroy Gunners SP"!

Special Price:400Yen(tax included)!
Usual Price: 800Yen(tax included)

"Destroy Gunners SP Teaser Movie" is renewal ! Click here !

"Destroy Gunners SP"is featured in Apps on Android Market!

"Destroy Gunners Z"is introduced by report of TOKYO GAME SHOW 2011 of GAME Watch
(Sorry, it is Japanese.)

"Destroy Gunners Z"1st teaser at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2011(Click Here to Watch it !)

[2011.9.7 (9.16 Add Pictures at TGS)]Campaign!
SHADE Inc. will make a presentation of new title in developing
「Destroy Gunners Z」which is playable
in GREE booth at 「TOKYO GAME SHOW 2011」 !

Please try further power up version "Z" in the show booth !

As "Memorial Event of New Title Presentation At TOKYO GAME SHOW 2011",
we will start limited time special price offer of
「Destroy Gunners SP」(Android/iOS)
from Sep 8th to Sep 21th (JAPAN TIME).
Please try Destroy Gunners SP in this chance !

In the iOS app review site,
"The App Shack"

[2011.8.12]iOS ver. available !
NowiOS Version:

・Destroy Gunners F

・Destroy Gunners SP

are available!!

Destroy Gunners got outstanding performance award of
smartphone in GREE Platform Application Award
in first half of the year of 2011!
To celebrate this prize,We will start limited offer
of Destroy Gunners SP in half price
from August 5th to August 11th (JAPAN TIME).
Please try 「Destroy Gunners SP」 in this chance!

Destroy Gunners Series can only download from Android Market.
If you download from other site,
it is illegally uploaded and it might contain malware and virus.
Please make sure to download Destroy Gunners Series from Android Market.

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